Lean Carbonara

Carbonara has to be one of my all time fav meals. but it can easily be full of naughtiness, so I went on a quest to make it healthier so I could included it in weekly eating rather than just a one off.

You will need:

1 200g chicken breast 2 shallots 3 Cauliflower big heads

50g Tagliatelle

40g Peas

1 Tbsp. of Light Cream cheese (25g)

Pepper, garlic, paprika

Put the chicken, cauliflower & shallots in a roasting tray in the oven for about 45 mins with olive oil, pepper and paprika, garlic sprinkled on top. Then cook the tagliatelle & 5 mins before its done add the peas in the same pan, once cooked/drained added a large teaspoon of light cream cheese. When the chicken is done, cut the head off the stalky bit of the cauliflower and add that with the shallots to the pasta, mixed and put the chicken on top or mix it in.

Cals 477

Carbs 55g

Protein 58g

Fat 6g

Enjoy x

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