Tuna & Feta Quinoa Bowl

Tuna steaks are my absolute fav almost love them more than actual steak.

Im also loving quinoa at the moment, i found it bloats me less than pasta or rice and its a nice change its good on protein too. Here's the lunch I'm loving the most.

1 Tuna Steak (i use musclefood as they are such good value for the size)

40g of Quinoa

8 cherry toms

1/4 of red pepper

Salad leaves

47g vegan feta (I'm dairy intolerant so i use Sainsbury's free from)

Juice of half a lime

Drizzle of Olive oil

Cook off the quinoa as instructed on the packaging. Mix all the other ingredients in a bowl with the quinoa once cooked then cook the tuna steak for 3-5 mins each side, depending on how pink you like it in the middle, slice and add on top.

Cals 374

Carbs 28g

Protein 38g

Fat 10g

Enjoy 💜

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