Burrito Bowl

This one was one i made up when I was trying to get as many carbs in as possible. It can very easily adapted to have less carbs, so take the rice out, or fat take the avocado out.

You will need:

1 wrap

1serving of rice i have 75g uncooked

150g turkey mince

5 mushrooms

50g of red kidneys beans

25g red onion

Garlic, paprika pepper

Half an avocado

4 cherry toms

Juice of half a lime.

Cook mince off as you would normally, put in the mushrooms, red kidney beans, salt pepper but only half the onion in. The other half in with the toms and avocado put salt pepper and lime juice on and mix. Warm the wrap, put it in a wide bowl, pile the rice in, mince mix then finish with the salsa mix on top.

Calories 806

Carbs 95g

Protein 66g

Fat 17g

Enjoy x

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