Sweeties 🍬

It’s an all rounded pleases both kids if you have them and adults, hits that sweet spot craving.

Jelly Sweets 💜

All you need is

- Jelly moulds

- 1 packet of gelatine

- 1 packet of sugar free jelly

- 200ml of boiling water

Boil the kettle, add the gelatine and whisk

Add your chosen flavour of jelly and whisk

Then add to the moulds, I got mine off amazon, they were £9.95 there are 5 in the set, 2 teddy moulds then stars hearts and shells would defo recommend as you will get use out of them especially if you are making these for little ones as they are done so much quicker than jelly.

Stick them in the fridge and they’ll be done in about an hour.

Dig in, try not to east them all in one go like I did 🙈😂 they are soooo Moorish.

Per pack - these are rough as its depends on the pack/ brand you use but

Cals 39

Carbs 2g

Sugars 2g

Fats 2g

Protein 6.4g


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