I’ve been going to the doctors since about 2009 with what they told me are ibs symptoms. But I kept going as I believed my symptoms came from an intolerance.

In 2011 they did a test for celiac disease as I particularly bloated when I had starchy carbs. That came back clear.

Last May I ended up in hospital with severe abdominal cramps, suspected apendisitus, turned out to a gallstone and they wanted to take it out but I refused as I still hadn’t had a dairy intolerance test that I’d been asking for years for. They did an endoscopy which showed I had a small hernia but nothing related to these symptoms.

The doctor told me to cut it out and then reintroduce it to see if I got a reaction and gave me mebeverin for the symptoms, which I found highly unhelpful as this wouldn’t really tell me if I was intolerant or not.

A month ago I saw an intolerance test on group on and brought it I have nothing to lose and buy this point my symptoms are quite bad, I’m constantly bloated, in pain and don’t like to away from a toilet for longer than 5 minutes.

2 weeks ago I got the results

Turns out I was right I’m dairy intolerant but also highly intolerant to green tea, I’ve had at least to cups a day for the last 5 years.

Coconut I cook with at least twice a day!

Brown rice I’ll have twice a week over white because it’s ‘healthier’.

So with immediate effect I cut everything but dairy out, took me a couple of days to cut cheese out #cheeseislife 😢

I’ve now been without all these things for a week, and I’ve seen 100% improvement. Cutting dairy is really hard it’s in bloody everything. I’d also just brought a new kg tub of protein powder 😩

But I’m not waking up bloated everyday, spending the 1st half of my day in pain. You know your body best, listen to what it’s trying to tell you.

Our health is our 1st wealth 💜

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