N 19

Number 19 - Take the girls to the cinema.

Scarlett's never been to the cinema but Bella has we used to go to baby cinema when she was little. On Sunday my friend said they were going to see Peter Rabbit and wanted to see if we would join so I jumped at the chance, thinking they love Peter Rabbit at the minute this will be great. A lovely afternoon spent watching the film as a family.

So we told the girls what we were doing, got them all excited, got them in the car they shouted Peter Rabbit Peter rabbit all the way there, got them to the cinema. Obviously they saw the pick and mix wall, ran straight over it and started asking for sweets. With it being Scarlett’s 1st time I wanted it to be special, so we got sweetie and popcorn, we got the tickets, we sat down and waited and Scarlett decided that she didn’t want to sit down she wanted to stand up and play 🙈😩 so she settle down for a minute when the screen came on but unfortunately there was 35 minutes!! of adverts none of which were really child related, except at 4 films that they showed an even those were questionable, the Isle of dogs - some kind of Japanese anamay thing that we definitely won’t be watching.

I haven’t seen many adverts for Peter Rabbit but I just assumed it would be Peter Rabbit going on a great adventure, No - it was more about Mr McGregor and B falling in love and Peter Rabbit being jealous of this and trying to get between them not something 3 years old and a 20 month old would understand so I can’t really say that I highly rated the film. Scarlett sat for all of about three minutes of it, the rest of the time she just want to get up, started screaming I had to go and sit right at the front to try and talk her through it then rich took over then I took over again and then the third time Rich just decided it was better off to take her home so the lovely family Trip that I had planned in my head and thought it would be absolutely lovely, was a bit of a mare, Bella however sat all the way through angelically. But this always happens with kids, you’ll plan something and think oh it’ll be great but it never goes that way. But that’s the thing with social media, people will have seen my pics on my story and may well think aw her kids are so well behaved mine would never do that, I know I’ve have though this many times. But what you didn’t see is me running round like a headless chicken after a toddler and saw all of about 15 of the actual film 🙈😂

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