30 Before 30

30 before 30

Some may have heard of this some haven’t so to explain, it’s a list of things I would like to do before I’m 30 next March. Some I’ve done, but when I was a kid so don’t really remember them and a lot I’ve never done. As I turned 29 last Monday I thought I’d write a blog through the next year when I achieve one. Some will push me physically, some mentally and a lot are just for fun. This is by no means a bucket list, I mean I’m probs not going to get to Disneyland Florida in the next year or buy a house. But they are things with a little push I can achieve. At 29 I am pretty proud of what I’ve achieved in my life so far, when I was about 18 I set my self goals to do before I was 30…

  • Fall in love - Yep

  • Get married - Yep

  • Have kids - Yep

  • Buy my 1st house - Nope

  • Be Happy - Yep

The general, I’m pretty fortunate to have achieved all but one. So let’s get to it here’s the list

There are some I have in plans later in the year. But I’m pretty excited to get going with this. As you can see they aren’t all fitness related, just because I’m a PT doesn’t mean it’s my whole life. Hope you enjoy the journey too

Emily x

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