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Someone asked me recently in an interview describe my life? I answers 'Busy'

People automatically assume oh yeah your a mum of course you are. Yes this is true but lucky I was asked to expand...

My husband works 60+ a week. So as a wife I'm you know expected to keep house, do all the shit you have to do otherwise no one has clean pants 🙈😂

I looked after our 2 girls 90% of the time alone, but I also work 2 jobs and am studying to finish my diploma. Somewhere in there I need to fit in a social life, gym and eat, a shower is probably beneficial for everyone too.

So how do I cope? Sometimes I don't 💁🏼 when the house is a mess and the kids drive me up the wall. But mostly planning, routine and organisation.

I don't just go to the gym to look good or so I can post it on social media, I make time to train for me, to keep me sane, so that rush of endorphins pushing me through the 365th meltdown or the pile of washing that you swear you did 2 days ago!

Exercise and eating healthily isn't always about looking good it's about mental health as well, making it part of your routine not only benefits you but the ones around you too.

Lifestyle not a diet

Emily x

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