Day One

On Monday the 9th of October, I worked my last day in finance. I worked for a very big well known bank for 6 and half years. Just over a year ago I had that lightbulb moment and decided I wanted to become and PT specialising in pre and postal as I’ve had 2 little ladies so think I’m well placed to help people through one of the biggest changes in their life. So 9 months ago I started studying for my L3 PT diploma. I passed my L2 gym instructor in April which meant I was able to apply for a job in a gym.

The perfect one finally came up so I was able to make the jump into the fitness industry properly. I have already passed my nutritional advisor course and had a few clients but have my final PT assessment the end of October.

So who am I? That’s a hard question to answer: I’m a mum a wife, daughter, sister, and friends. I’m Emily.

What motivates me? To be the best I can for me, for my family.

Meet the team: I have a husband Rich although not seen or mentioned on my socials very often as he works very long hours so we don’t get much time together often and when we do, its family time. The Girls, my toddler squad: Bella-Rose is the oldest very kind and caring little lady although has a fiery side, oh the joy of a threenager and Scarlett the little monkey, very cheeky climbs on anything will always push her luck and laugh when you say no but always gives you the biggest grim you can’t help but laugh. They came 1st above anything. But I won’t lie and say everything I do is for them, when I eat half a jar of Peanut butter that’s for me, no one else.

A lot has happened over the last year but that’s for another blog but it has all just made me more determined to make my new business work now im able to put proper time and effort into something I love, not many people get to say that.

Till next time

Emily x