A Healthier You, for Both of You.

Giving you and your little one the best start together, preparing you for the changes to come during pregnancy and beyond.  I have a level 3 diploma specialising in pre and post-natal nutrition and exercise, not only have I done this qualification but I’ve also had 2 beautiful girls myself. So know all too well the life changes that are about to happen.
Or you may have just had your little one or even 6 months ago and be unsure how to try and regain your body back, with all the sleepless nights, clothes covered in goodness knows what not and  feeling like there’s enough hours in the day, how on earth will you fit in trying to look after yourself.  Let me take your hand and show you, I’ve been there, right where you are now.

As part of your programme we will access where you are at the moment and what we need to work on and you will be given a specialist core restore programme.

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