Pancakes 💜🤤 #goals _Blueberry and cinnamon pancakes, topped with strawberries, coconut yogurt & _m


Better Decisions

After years of yo-yo dieting I know all too well the traps of trying to find the quick fix because the advertising is so good. 

Now I'm not going to start telling to start downing loads of protein shakes or eat a bowl of kale, if you've seen my Instagram feed you know I'm not about that life. I run 8 weeks nutrition and weights management programme where I will design a tailored nutritional plan just for you with your individual energy needs, what this mean and what it looks like in term of food on a plate. What's included?

 - Support: I will be there for support the every step of the way.

 - Calorie and macro needs based on you as an individual and explained.

- What a healthy balanced (yes there’s chocolate) diet actually looks like.

 - Meal ideas

 - Weekly meetings to measure progress in whatever way motivate you.

It’s a lifestyle change not a diet.