Be You Queens

Empower Embody Embrace

The 8 week group programme to help you drop fat forever, feel empowered and gain confidence



I help women build confidence, feel phenomenal inside and out, getting that transformation you’ve always dreamed of. 

I’m passionate about showing you how to fit into your life without giving up everything you love, spending hours working out and doing it in a sustainable way, creating a new lifestyle, and create a sense of community as trying to lose weight can often feel lonely.

 That’s why I created my signature programme:

Be you Queens.

An 8 week programme to be the you, you’ve always wanted to be.

  • Are you sick of going from one diet to the next?

  • Sick off always starting a new diet on a Monday?

  • Hate your reflection?

  • Hate the thought of Exercise or have no idea where to start?

  • Don’t think you can fit it in?

  • sick of feeling alone in your journey?

  • Feel guilty or like you’ve failed every time you eat food that’s “bad”

There is Another way.

You could be the perfect fit for my signature programme Be You.  


The things I always hear before my ladies start with me: 


‘I’ve tried everything’


‘I have no motivation’


‘Im on a shake diet’


‘I don’t have time for exercise’


‘I hate exercise’


This is why i'm so passionate about helping women create a new healthy lifestyle that helps them feel amazing.

I use to be that women before I had kids, I literally tried everything and thought exercise was just about hours in the gym.



Here’s how the programme could help you:

  • An 8 week training programme, thats do able.

  • A live session in our private group every week

  • A nutrition guide & meal planner worksheet -so you don’t have to cut out everything you love.

  • Daily support and accountability so you can embody the best version of you.

  • Help you create a healthy lifestyle you can carry on forever, not just the 8 weeks.

  • A group of like minded women on the same journey.

Are you ready to get that transformation you’ve always wanted?


Heres some of the things my ladies are achieving:


You can do this too.  You are worth the investment.

You get me in your corner, guiding you, supporting you and being your biggest cheerleader.

BE Part of a team of empowered women all on the same journey.

If you are ready to drop fat forever, feel empowered and gain confidence.

Then its your time!