Are you sick of wanting to lose weight but don’t know where to start?

Stuck in a rut with your training?

Don’t even know where to start with a diet because it all seems so complicated?

No idea how to fit into your busy life?

Have no confidence, hate your reflection and feel rubbish?


I help people build confidence, feel better and look amazing.  I can show you how to fit into your life without giving up everything you love and spending days in the gym.  Let’s have a chat and see if I can help you.

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"Couldn’t recommend this girl enough, she provided me with so much support with both my training and nutrition and also with helping to keep me motivated.  I found she also has that personal touch, having kids herself she proves with the right amount of motivation and determination you can get it done and achieve your goals."


"I was stuck in a rut with my training, wasn't sure what to do to progress, I was finding it hard to fit it all in and was fed up.  Emily helped my understand that training & diet didn't need to boring and complicated. I now look forward to getting my training plan every week and made more progress than I have done in years."


"I had just booked my wedding and had nightmares of not fitting into it my dress; I had no confidence as id trying every fad diet going. Then I found Emily, lost weight, gained confidence and fitted into the dress of my dress"