The Guidance You Need in Our Private Space

When I became a personal trainer I always knew I wanted my own space.


I want a space where women would feel welcome 

I want a space where women feel comfortable 

I want a space where women can feel safe

I want a space where its ok to bring your small human.

I want a space where you can BE YOU 💜


Its here and better than I Ever imagined!!


As a new mum, I found it hard to find time for training without giving up family time or feeling like I was putting anyone out looking after the girls.  So I knew when I had my own studio, it had to be a space where my clients could bring their little ones. My girls are so excited to welcome other children into the space they made up a little box of toys.

All face to face sessions included in My signature programme Be You will be here.


No more feeling nervous about walking into a gym. 

No more feeling like everyone is starting at you.

No more feeling comfortable.


I am a pre and postnatal specialist and a mum I know how hard this journey can be, but I’m here to make it easier.

Client Feedback



Since starting sessions with Emily, I'm getting more and more confident going to the gym and enjoying getting healthier as a result. Emily really does personalise her plans , gives you her all and is really flexible. 

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I had no confidence when I met Emily as I have a stressful job and neglected myself. Emily helped understand how to fit health and fitness around my buy life. Not only have in achieved my goals but I’ve gained confidence in and out the gym. M x

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