You want to make a change a to your lifestyle and want to lose fat but find it all a bit over complicated and don't want to give up your entire life you shed a few pounds.

Cant get to the gym? or find it intimidating?

Then Online Coaching may be for you.

I offer online 1-2-1  coaching packages which include:

  • Full training program tailored to your goals, with exact exercises, reps, sets and weights.

  • Nutritional guide to help you learn how to mange life around still trying to meet your goals.

  • Example meal plans & recipes.

  • Weekly check in, progress tracking in a way to keep you motivated.

  • Constant support, accountability and ability to contact me via Whatsapp.

If this sound like what you need and want to see if we are the right fit? Then click the button below to book in a free consultation. 


Training and Nutrition

Client Feedback

Sarah M

Amazing Emily xx fitness, food, mummy inspiration, fitness inspiration.... enough said, never thought id enjoy the process as much as i Am. x

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I was stuck in a rut with my training, wasn't sure what to do to progress, I was finding it hard to fit it all in and was fed up.  Emily helped my understand that training & diet didn't need to boring and complicated. I now look forward to getting my training plan every week and made more progress than I have done in years.


Emily is an excellent PT. She's a great motivator and goes above and beyond to help her clients achive theirs goals. Thank you Emily for being the PT i need to achive my goal!

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Professional Trainer that has got the balance just right between 'no pain, no gain' and enjoying the journey.

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