I’m so passionate about helping women create a new healthy lifestyle that helps them feel amazing, anyway I can.

So if you can come to the studio, I offer a completely online version of my programme. It still the amazing programme with all its features, we just don’t see each other face to face. We will have 1 official check in a week, where I access how its going But I’m still there for the daily support.

Here’s how the programme could help you:


  • A training programme designed around you - so you feel empowered to be able to actually do it 

  • A nutrition guide & meal planner worksheet -so you don’t have to cut out everything you love.

  • Daily support and accountability so you can embody the best version of you.

  • Help you create a healthy lifestyle you can carry on forever, not the 12 weeks.

Are you ready to get that transformation you’ve always wanted?



Be You 

Client Feedback

Sarah M

Amazing Emily xx fitness, food, mummy inspiration, fitness inspiration.... enough said, never thought id enjoy the process as much as i Am. x

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I was stuck in a rut with my training, wasn't sure what to do to progress, I was finding it hard to fit it all in and was fed up.  Emily helped my understand that training & diet didn't need to boring and complicated. I now look forward to getting my training plan every week and made more progress than I have done in years.


Emily is an excellent PT. She's a great motivator and goes above and beyond to help her clients achive theirs goals. Thank you Emily for being the PT i need to achive my goal!

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Professional Trainer that has got the balance just right between 'no pain, no gain' and enjoying the journey.

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